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Wellbeing Coaching

Private/individual/couple wellbeing coaching can be conducted over the short or long term. Wellbeing coaching can assist with major life decisions, positive life changes, and management or overcoming of personal challenges. Sessions gradually impart a thorough understanding of wellbeing science and systematically build a wellbeing strategy tailored to clients’ personality and needs. Private coaching is very effective at overcoming personal road blocks to happiness. Our coaching approach is informed by the full range of positive psychotherapies put forth within wellbeing science. It includes strategies to enhance all areas of life that contribute to wellbeing, setting clients up for ongoing gains in wellbeing and toward their flourishing.

Wellbeing coaching is conducted in South Perth and offered upon an initial phone interview. Online wellbeing coaching is available on the Zoom platform.

Please contact us to request this service.

The Loving Life Workshop

Date and venue to be advised

How do we become the person we really want to be, living the life we always dreamed of, and getting through whatever difficulties we face?

Practicing emotional positivity is about creating new habits that encourage the emotions we want to feel every day: joy, excitement, serenity, love and more. It’s about differentiating between necessary and unnecessary negative emotions and aiming to tip our daily emotional experience to the positive. The Loving Life Workshop imparts know-how that allows us to take charge of more than just our happiness. It is a guide to build and maintain our emotional, mental and psychological wellbeing, connecting us to our meanings, goals, ability to find fun, and to feeling more fulfilled and inspired. The practice of positivity can transform our lives and help us create our best possible future.

This 3 hour workshop can be applied as a pathway for getting out of feeling miserable or into habits that increase psychological resilience. Comprehensive course notes are included.

We have had excellent feedback on this workshop.

Places are strictly limited. Please contact us if you are interested in attending the next workshop.

Perth Happiness Course

Our amazing 7-week wellbeing course will move online later this year

Due to the economic environment of uncertainty, and to make this potentially life changing course more broadly available, our Perth Happiness Course will move online and be held in a Zoom conference environment. Sessions take place once a week over seven weeks.

This comprehensive, well-tested, and uplifting course has shown to reliably increase well-being in our clients. Our Perth Happiness Course covers the main theories, themes, and interventions put forth by positive psychology. It leaves clients with a broad understanding of the ingredients that promote wellbeing and a large toolbox of wellbeing practices. In a caring and safe group environment, we coach clients to adopt a range of habits that will boost their wellbeing and resilience. This equips them with the know-how needed to stay well during difficult times and to live their best possible lives.

Testing conducted at the beginning and end of this course has shown that it can significantly increase wellbeing.

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Customised Wellbeing Presentations

We custom design and deliver wellbeing presentations and workshops for the specific needs of your organisation. Do you want your employees, team members, or volunteers to know how they can manage and increase their positive wellbeing, mental health and resilience? Are you interested in offering an inspiring and fun professional development event that is tailored to the needs of your workforce or group members?

We design informative and inspiring wellbeing programs that can support individuals in taking responsibility for their wellbeing, support positive team building, and boost work morale and productivity. Our science-based, easy to understand, and highly applicable presentations impart knowledge that is timely and has ongoing value for both the participants and your organisation. We offer once-off presentations or ongoing partnering and consultancy services for your wellbeing and mental health initiatives.

We also partner with wellness practitioners such as yoga schools for workshops, offering scientific know-how for positive wellbeing to your initiative. We give talks and presentations for support and community groups on topics such as strengths, optimism, goal setting, and the key practices for wellbeing.

Please contact us and advise your requirements.

Confidentiality and protection of private information are assured for anyone engaging our services or signing up to notifications. Our work is conducted in a caring and professional environment and we adhere to the ethical guidelines for positive psychology practices.

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