Awesome! I got so much out of it and have already started applying it to my everyday life. Lots of simple things that can be done to improve day to day experiences. I thought if I learn one thing per session I’d be pleased; as it was I learnt stacks!”


Events in 2018

Pathway to Happiness Course Perth

Starting Tuesday 16 October to 27 November 2018

7 Weekly Sessions 6.45 pm – 8.15 pm

Girl Guides Hall – behind 14 Collier Street, Applecross (Baden Powell Reserve)

Are you ready to live a happy, meaningful and rewarding life? Do you want to find the joyful, wise, inspired, fun-loving person inside you? Let us show you how you can make a commitment to your happiness and personal fulfillment regardless of life’s challenges and setbacks.

Our signature Pathway to Happiness course Perth will introduce you to scientific theories that will change your priorities, to activities that will open you up to more positive emotions, and to a collection of psychological wellness tools that will steadily increase your happiness. It is called a “pathway” because the sessions build up to increasingly connect you to your joy, your best self, your goals, the people around you, meaningful activities, and your life purpose. It encourages new attitudes and activities and various guided soul searches. It equips you with new habits and insights that allow you to build a happy future.

The course runs over 7 weekly 1.5 hour sessions. Sessions are held in a gentle and caring environment in which you will feel safe to learn, explore, engage and connect. Approached with an open mind and dedication to the tasks set, the Pathway to Happiness course Perth can evoke a life change.

The Pathway to Happiness course Perth is ideal for anyone over 18  interested in learning how to systematically build their mental and emotional wellbeing. The content can be used as a pathway out of misery or as a resource to build psychological resilience. Comprehensive course notes are included.

Places are strictly limited. Head to the enrolments page now to secure yours.

The Loving Life Workshop

Date and Venue to be advised

How do we become the person we really want to be, living the life we always dreamed of, and getting through whatever difficulties we face?

Practicing positivity is about creating new habits that encourage the emotions we want to feel every day: joy, excitement, serenity, love and more. It’s about differentiating between necessary and unnecessary negative emotions and aiming to tip our daily emotional experience to the positive. The Loving Life Workshop imparts know-how that allows us to take charge of more than just our happiness. It is a guide to build and maintain our psychological wellbeing, connecting us to meaning, goals, fun and a more fulfilled and inspired life.

It is a scientific fact that the practice of positivity can transform our lives and help us create our best possible future.

This 3 hour workshop is ideal for anyone over 18 interested in learning how to care for and nourish their mental and emotional wellbeing. The content can be used as a pathway out of misery or as a resource to build psychological resilience. Comprehensive course notes are included.

We have had excellent feedback on this workshop.

Places are strictly limited. Please contact us if you are interested in attending the next workshop.


Professional Workshops

We offer professional development workshops tailored to the needs of corporate and private organisations. Our seminars are interesting and insightful. They are designed for team building and are sure to boost individual work morale and consequently, productivity.

Please contact us and advise your requirements.

Public Talks

We conduct public talks in a specialist consultancy capacity for a variety of interest groups, including government and private organisations. Why not give your next meeting or PD day the edge, or get a few friends together for a happiness lunch?

If you are toying with the idea of enrolling in the happiness course you are invited to attend one of our free public talks in your local metropolitan area.

Please contact us to book a talk or receive advanced notification of upcoming talks hosted by Hello Happiness.

Private One-on-One Happiness Coaching

Private psychological wellbeing coaching suits those not wanting to join a group, anyone restricted by time, and individuals who prefer to have their wellbeing strategy tailored to their personality and needs. Private coaching is very effective at overcoming personal road blocks to happiness.

Private coaching is offered upon an initial interview.

Please contact us to request this service.

Confidentiality and protection of private information are assured for anyone engaging our services or signing up to notifications.

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