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Awesome! I got so much out of it and have already started applying it to my everyday life. Lots of simple things that can be done to improve day to day experiences. I thought if I learn one thing per session I’d be pleased; as it was I learnt stacks!”


Positive psychology / wellbeing science puts forward a host of approaches scientifically documented to enhance mental, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Gaining theoretical and practical understanding, clients and workshop participants can reassess their habits and prioritise activities and strategies that boost their wellbeing.

Hello Happiness’ individual wellbeing coaching and customised workplace wellbeing workshops are designed to connect clients and workers more deeply to their strengths, values, and personal goals and provide a compass for pursuing a meaningful and rewarding life.

For organisations wishing to nurture their workers’ wellbeing, Hello Happiness offers specialist wellbeing measurement and testing with tailored wellbeing strategies and initiatives to meet assessed needs.

Hello Happiness individual wellbeing coaching has assisted individuals from all walks of life.

The coaching focuses on clients embracing their strengths to better navigate their life challenges and committing to wellbeing strategies that enable flourishing. Clients learn to actively pursue activities that make them feel good, capable and gracious, increase their engagement and meaning in life, and enhance their positive relationships.

Hello Happiness workplace wellbeing workshops are pre-designed and then tailored to specifically meet an organisation’s needs. Workshop topics include practicing positivity to start loving life, strength-based strategies for flourishing, and goal-setting for hope and happiness. Facilitated with a sense of fun and play, Hello Happiness workplace workshops are motivational, inspiring and engaging.

Hello Happiness also offers an easy to understand, 52-post series on how to apply positive psychology in daily life via the HHH Blog. Imparting science-based knowledge to foster hope, harmony and happiness, the blog aims to inspire a life of joy and fulfilment.

Read how positive psychology became a pathway out of depression. Find out how it can transform your life, too.