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The course has really helped me by giving me tools to create my own happiness, regardless of what other people are doing and what else is going on around me. I have already recommended this course to my friends.


Individual Wellbeing Coaching

Individual wellbeing coaching is offered face to face and in a virtual meeting room

Hello Happiness individual wellbeing coaching focuses on enhancing the use of our innate strengths, living of our deepest values, enjoying positive relationships, finding personal engagement, increasing meaning in life, and experiencing many positive emotions. Its aim is to assist clients to consciously seek positive experiences and live their positive individual traits.

Whilst traditional psychology seeks to remove the conditions that hold us back in our lives, positive psychology specifically seeks to build the conditions that enable us to become our best possible selves.

In this approach clients learn to adopt habits and attitudes that will boost their wellbeing, resilience, personal fulfilment, and happiness.

Wellbeing results when several elements are present in our life. These include self-acceptance and the feeling that our lives are meaningful, and that we are serving a valuable purpose. It requires the experience of positive feelings such as joy, inspiration, love, gratitude and interest. But we also need positive relationships and a sense of achievement to flourish.

Wellbeing is enhanced when we know what engages us, and when our life goals continue to inspire hope and personal growth in us. Individual wellbeing coaching leads clients to their unique set of insights and activities that support and build their wellbeing.

Equipped with scientific know-how and a wellbeing toolbox of interventions and new habits that suit their personality and lifestyle, clients can connect to their joy, inner calm, strengths, goals, and purpose.

Clients who seek individual wellbeing coaching might suffer from mild to moderate depression, feel their life lacks direction and joy, or struggle with setbacks, life challenges, relationships, or thwarted goals. Others simply want to live their best possible lives.

Clients are typically attracted by the fact that Hello Happiness individual wellbeing coaching is founded on the scientific literature, endorsed theories, and tested interventions of positive psychology.

These work to enhance wellbeing even in the face of challenges, where they can inject moments of serenity, savouring, or love. The strengths-based approach also assists clients to look to the best in them to overcome their difficulties.

Individual wellbeing coaching is an investment in long-term wellbeing and happiness. It can be conducted over the short or long term.

Individual wellbeing coaching is conducted in a caring and professional environment in adherence to the ethical guidelines for positive psychology practices.

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