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Awesome! I got so much out of it and have already started applying it to my everyday life. Lots of simple things that can be done to improve day to day experiences. I thought if I learn one thing per session I’d be pleased; as it was I learnt stacks!”


Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

Hello Happiness offers customised workforce wellbeing workshops and presentations facilitated face to face and via webinars

Hello Happiness designs customised workplace wellbeing workshops and presentations tailored to needs of your organisation or event. Informative and inspiring, Hello Happiness workplace wellbeing workshops support individuals, groups, and leadership teams in taking enhanced responsibility for their own and others’ wellbeing.

Science-based and easy to understand, Hello Happiness workplace wellbeing workshops impart knowledge that is timely and has ongoing value for both participants and the organisation. Increased wellbeing literacy and lasting take-home messages serve to support workforce wellbeing and positive team building, and boost work morale.

In facilitating wellbeing workshops, Hello Happiness is committed to creating motivational, fun presentations. Hello Happiness workplace wellbeing workshops are designed to be illuminating, diverting and uplifting. They typically feature formal explanatory content, small group reflections, trial of a sample positive psychology intervention, and various play-based, fun activities. Workshops are aimed to assist employees/volunteers and team/group members or leaders in managing and increasing their wellbeing, social connections, sense of purpose and resilience.

Offering pre-designed workplace wellbeing workshops, Hello Happiness tailors these to suit your specific workforce requirements, challenges, and desired messages or outcomes. These might be to give your working group a positivity boost, send a high-pressure department a message of appreciation alongside resilience-enhancing techniques, or use a professional development day to equip your frontline workers with wellbeing knowledge that can lead to better service outcomes.

For organisations seeking ongoing workforce wellbeing initiatives, Hello Happiness offers once-off or ongoing partnering and consultancy services. These include measurement and testing for workforce wellbeing, customised wellbeing initiatives that suit your organisation and workers, and formal wellbeing procedures and reports.

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The Loving Life Workshop

How to practice emotional positivity and flourish

How do we become the person we really want to be, living the life we always dreamed of, and getting through whatever difficulties we face? This workshop presents Barbara Frederickson’s ground-breaking Broaden-and-build theory and shows participants why and how to practice positivity.

Practicing emotional positivity is about creating new habits that encourage the emotions we want to feel every day: joy, excitement, serenity, love, hope etc. It’s about differentiating between necessary and unnecessary negative emotions and learning to tip our daily emotional experiences to the positive. It means knowing which activities reliably make us feel good.

The Loving Life Workshop imparts know-how that allows participants to take charge of their happiness. Practices help to connect them to their ability to find more fun, serenity and meaning, and to feeling more fulfilled and inspired. The practice of positivity can transform their lives and help them create their best possible futures.

The Hello Happiness Loving Life Workshop is science-based, stimulating and encouraging. It features times for reflection, small group sharing, and various fun activities. It is designed to inspire participants to adopt new habits that boost their emotional, psychological and mental wellbeing. Comprehensive course notes are included for ongoing motivation.

We have had excellent feedback on this workshop.

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Strengths Strategies

Coming soon!

Great Goals

Coming soon!

Confidentiality and protection of private information are assured for anyone engaging Hello Happiness services. All work is conducted in a caring and professional manner and in adherence to the ethical guidelines for positive psychology practices.

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