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We offer wellbeing coaching, wellbeing workshops, our Perth Happiness Course, and customised wellbeing presentations

Wellbeing science or positive psychology is a field of empirical study interested in human strengths, relationships, personal engagement, meaning in life, positive emotions, and high human functioning. The field concerns itself with positive subjective experiences and positive individual traits. The aim of positive psychology is to build human flourishing, and to promote strength-based approaches to manage individual, group, or organisational challenges. Whilst traditional psychology seeks to remove the conditions that hold us back in our lives, positive psychology builds the conditions that enable us to become our best possible selves. In this approach clients learn to adopt habits and attitudes that will boost their resilience, personal fulfilment, and happiness.

Wellbeing results when several elements are present in our life. These include the feeling that life is meaningful and that we are engaged in activities and the world at large. It requires the experience of positive feelings such as joy, inspiration, love, gratitude and interest. But we also need positive relationships and a sense of achievement to flourish. Hello Happiness wellbeing coaching, workshops, customised presentations, and our Perth Happiness Course teach clients the knowledge, activities and habits that enhance wellbeing and promote flourishing. Our programs are inspiring, informative, comprehensive, and easy to understand and implement. All our work is founded on the scientific literature and the endorsed theories within positive psychology.

Clients who seek wellbeing coaching might suffer from mild to moderate depression, feel their life lacks direction and joy, or struggle with setbacks or life challenges. Others simply want to live their best possible lives. Luckily, some positive psychology interventions have almost immediate effect. However, a significant increase in wellbeing usually requires a dedicated approach over time. We apply testing at the beginning and end of wellbeing coaching and our Perth Happiness Course, which consistently show an increase in positive wellbeing. Our Perth Happiness Course and wellbeing coaching, wellbeing workshops and wellbeing presentations typically cover topics such as the practice of emotional positivity, character strengths, personal values, goal setting, meaning in life, positive connections with others, self-acceptance, physical exercise, creativity, play, and mindfulness practices.

Our work is conducted in a caring and professional environment and we adhere to the ethical guidelines for positive psychology practices.

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